Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weight Lifting

Remember how I am in a weight lifting class? remember how on monday I put too much weight on the leg press machine and remember how now I can barely walk? I remember. every time I move my legs. hahaha I am silly.

This is how it went down. There is a group of us girls in my weight lifting class. They sort of named me leader (silently) because I knew what I was doing, sort of. Anyways, this one girl went first and started using the leg press machine with the weights that were already on it (90 lbs). I wasn't sure I could do this much weight, but she did it, so I had to too...right? good one. And the whole time I knew I would regret it and be so sore today, and I was right. And then all of the other girls also used that amount of weight. Mostly, we should have lowered the weight. I guess that is why you lift weights with a buddy? So you can motivate/peer pressure each other? Things to think about. So tomorrow I will not be using any of the machines that work your leg muscles. Also I waddle a little. And have to hold onto the railings when I go down the stairs, so my legs don't collapse. hahaha it's a good one.

On the up side, I think lifting weights gives me energy! Yesterday I had so much energy I didn't even know what to do about it, it was crazy talk. And I am looking forward to getting stronger. I haven't worked out in many moons. True story.

Life is good.

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  1. I've totally done that before!! Stairs definitely are a killer when you are that sore.