Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Summer on the Farm!

This summer we went and worked on the farm! My family was so very nice to let us come. They gave us our own trailer to stay in and everything! They took turns feeding us, and we so sweet. Yay for family! Here are some of the things that happened: 

Justin hurt his leg on a very rugged motorcycle ride. They basically rode up a mountain.  He was trying to not hit a tree and stuck his leg out and it hit the peg and split his shin open. Ouch

This was there very inventive bandage when they were up in the mountains with nothing. It's part of Justin's sock, some toilet paper, and Luke's undershirt. 

We helped build this huge barn where they are going to park the bailers under!

We went swimming in a sweet new pond that has warm water and a swing! Awesome

We tried to explore a sweet mine, but it was collapsed. 

It was a pretty long ride.

The crew

Justin and Justin really hit it off and were very good buddies

Justin got to go off the bail swings for the first time

His foot went through the loop when he went off the 4th bail

He's so handsome

Sweet sand hills that they rode up 

More building

Justin got a lot of welding hours in and is a pro now

We also got to help Nate and Angela build their extension on their house

My 26th birthday
Lauri made me delicious oreo cookies! And lasagna!

What a great summer! We got good work in and were able to quadruple what I would have made had we stayed in Rexburg. We are so blessed!

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